This is Rampay!

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Rampay is a new way of discover outdoor activities. Rampay wants you to travel and experience outdoor in a total different way, discovering amazing places with the help of other outdoor enthusiasts like you. Rampay wants to help you find amazing experiences as well as partners for your adventurers. You will also be able to find unique talented guides for your treks, hikes, BTT, ski routes…

What kind of experiences may I find on
We love adventure and that’s why most of the experiences include some sort of “adventure sport”: mountaineering, alpinism, cannoying, climbing, cross-country skying, paragliding, surf, etc. Although we also think that there are other kind of adventures which are closer to a cultural or human experience. That’s why you may also find non-sport activites which include some sort of closer contact with local communities, tribes or customs.

What is Rampay?
Rampay is a website for the outdoor community where you can share and find the best adventures in the world and which helps you contact with local people, outdoor enthusiasts like you and guides.

Rampay is a network in which you may find local people from all around the world, surfing the web from anywhere and anytime.

Rampay facilitates the contact between you and other mountaineers, BTT fans, alpinists, trekkers… , directly, without any other intermediary.

Rampay wants to discover new exciting things to do when travelling. We don’t want to advertise crowded or common tours.

What is not Rampay?

Rampay is not a tourism agency, and does not provide tours. Rampay is just a web where you can share outdoor stories and contact with people, local guides and hosts.

Rampay is not responsible for the quality of the experiences although Rampay reviews the activities in order to be sure that those activities comply with our sustainability and respectful principles.

Rampay does not take part in any of the experiences. Rampay is a web repository where activities can be published gaining projection and relevance on the web.