Picos de Europa Circuit – 4-days Hiking

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Picos de Europa

Picos de EuropaDates: July and August
Location: Cangas de Onís, Asturias, North of Spain

Duration: 4 days

Price: From 500€/person

This outstanding trek trip will allow you to discover the most amazing places within one of the most spectacular places in Spain: The National Park of Picos de Europa (European Peaks).

If you want to discover a new side of Spain, a part which is still unknown to most of the tourist, this is your definitive destination. You will enjoy wonderful green landscapes as you walk through mountains which will bring your mind to the most isolated places on earth. Picos de Europa is an isolated place which remains still untouched from the crowds and which maintains the real essence of rural Spain.

Includes: Mountain Guide, Hut reservations (2 nights+breakfast), Hostel Reservation (Caín) (night+breakfast), three breakfasts and logistic; assurance.

Day 1. From the Enol lake to the Vegarredonda hut.

Elevation gain: 400m. Distance: 8 Km. Time: 3h.
We’ll meet in Cangas de Onís where a bus will take us to the Covadonga Lakes.

We’ll walk from the popular Covadonga lakes, through the Vega de Enol to the Vegarredonda’s hut.
In the hut, we will enjoy a mountaineers dinner and then we’ll have plenty of time to sleep.

Day 2. Vegarredonda hut to Vegabaño hut.

Elevation gain: + 1.000m., -1.100m Distance: 16 km. Time: 10h.
This is a hard day, in which we will suffer the real nature of Picos de Europa. We will ascend up to the 2.100m finding a rocky landscape very different to the green slopes of the valleys. We will arrive at the Vegabaño Hut where we will have a typical hut dinner.

Day 3.Vegabaño Hut to Caín.
Elevation gain: +250 m – 1.110 m. Distance: 16 km. Time: 6h.
We will walk through magical forests and will visit the ancient towns of Valdeón and Caín, where the famous “Ruta del Cares” starts.

In Caín we’ll stay in a typical local hostel.

Day 4. Caín – Covadonga lakes

Elevation gain: +1.300m – 800m. Distance: 14 km. Time: 8h.
The last day will be estrenous although extremely interesing as well. We will pass through some of the most amazing spots of the Picos de Europa, including a section of the popular “Ruta del Cares”.

Once we arrive to the Covadonga lakes, a vehicle will take us to Cangas de Onís.

Fitness level

Mountain experience is not required although the participants need to have a medium fitness level. The elevations gains are very important and the mountains are really steep. Sometimes, it may be needed to scramble. Participants will also carry their own backpacks which might weigth as much as 10kg.

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