MTB in the Ribera de Duero (1-day, 2 days), Valladolid

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Viñedos Ribera del Duero

Viñedos Ribera del Duero

Do you want to know the secrets of the Ribera de Duero in a different way?

We offer you a different side of the Ribera de Duero, visiting its vineyards and wineries with your mountain bike through two different routes:

TRAILS OF DUERO. 8 hours (1 day). Circular. Intensity: Hard.
The “Trails of Duero” is an intense and hard route that takes you through trails, difficult paths and crossing pine trees along the Duero. The route has a duration of 8 hours and a distance of 60 kilometers, ascending and descending the moors of the Duero on several occasions. The route has the following sections:

- Tudela de Duero – Centennial Oak by Montelvaduero: We will follow the most dizzy trails near Tudela de Duero to the viewpoint that looks out to Traspinedo, following the well-known path of Montevalduero.

- Roble Centenario – Montemayor with technical stop for supplies.

- Montemayor – Traspinedo. We will also continue through trails to Traspinedo, using the grazing roads and trails used even today by the local shepherds.

- Traspinedo – Tudela de Duero. On this occasion we will follow the beautiful “Senda del Duero”, a somewhat technical trail with ups and downs to return to Tudela de Duero.

SENDA DEL DUERO. 2 days. Intensity: Medium.
We will take you along the wonderful path that runs between the canal of the Duero River and the Duero river itself and which offers a very pleasant way of getting to know the Ribera de Duero. It allows us to know some of the favorite places for wine lovers (Abadía retuerta and Peñafiel) and the visit of some of its most prestigious wineries.
Day 1: Puente Duero – Abadía Retuerta
Accommodation at Abadía Retuerta hotel and dinner.
Day 2: Abadía Retuerta – Peñafiel.
Visit to a winery in Peñafiel.

Abadía Retuerta

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