Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco – 4.000 route

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Mont Blanc is the second highest mountain in Europe and one of the most popular ascends in the world. The white cone stands out from the rest of the mountains in the Chamonix Valley in France and Aosta Valley in Italy. Its 4.805 meters high makes it a great alpine adventure in the most beautiful massif in the Alps.

This activity usually takes around one week and is combined with other ascends to other peaks in the same zone. In order to take the most of the experience, before the ascend is tried, techniques and strategies are presented to participants so that they can improve their technical alpine expertise (acclimatization, alpinism, security, etc).

You will be taught and trained during the whole week so that your probabilities of success increase. Before trying Mont Blanc, you will reach the top of very important mountains such as Grand Paradiso (Italia).

The 4.000 route is much less crowded than the normal route and presents a more “alpine athmosphere”. The climb can be made from June to September and prices range from 700 to 1.500 eur depending on the guide and calendar.

All guides are UIAA certified and accompany a maximum of 2 people per ascend.

Participants have to be skilled at handling alpine gear such as crampons and ice ace and must be in good physical condition.

The program is designed for a an optimal training as well as a maximum enjoyment.

AGENDA (It may be subject to small changes)

Day 1: Meeting in Chamonix.
Day 2: Vittorio Enmanuelle Refuge (2775 m.), Italy.
Day 3: Grand Paradiso. Descend to Chamonix.
Day 4: Mont Blanc du Tacul (4248 m). Cosmiques refuge.
Day 5: Cosmiques – Col du Mont Blanc du Tacul – Col du Mont Maudit – Col de la Brenva – Mont Blanc. 4000′s Route.
Day 6-7. Chamonix. (Just in case there are bad weather conditions)

Chamonix, France

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