How it works

Discover how to use Rampay to share and discover amazing outdoor adventures and get in contact with thousands of adventurers and local guides around the world.

Discover and share awesome experiences like never before

Rampay is an online community which helps you discover and share unique experiences offered by other adventurers and guides around the world. If you are an adventurer you can help travellers discover new places, tours, local attractions, mountains, climbing spots, lakes… tell us which is your passion!

On we want to create the greatest collection of unforgettable experiences which a special focus on outdoor and sport activities.

Quality, sustainability, respect and local impact

Although anyone can share an experience on every experience is reviewed in order to guarantee that they comply with our principles of quality, sustainability, respect and local impact.

Easy to use

Publish your experience in just a few clicks! Share pictures, coordinates, GPS tracks and whatever you want through our simple interface.

Moreover, you can create events to meet other people with the same interests as you, or use our event calendar to find a race, expedition or trip created by other adventurers.

You can also contact local guides and establish the relationship directly with him/her. No intermediaries, no agencies, no fees. The experience may be free or not, but is the local guide or host who decides, not us.

Local Guides
If you are a local guide you can offer activities by registering on Rampay. gives you visibility and promotion on the Web. We work directly with local guides. Offering your activities is free!