Which is your favorite outdoor activity in the Alps?

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Rampay is an online community which helps outdoor enthusiasts discover and share unique adventures. Rampay is right now a novel project and is taking its first steps in order to offer a curated repository of the best world outdoor activities.

We want to know which is the most authentic and thrilling outdoor activity you have ever done in the Alps 

Which kind of experiences are we looking for? Hereby you have some examples!
- Mountaineering, trekking, hiking alpinism and climbing
- Cannoying, kayaking, surf.

- Any other “crazy” sport: paragliding…
- Local unique customs: It may be a strange or remote fair or something like that.
- Visiting remote and unknown spots.

Please share with us your favorite outdoor activity and vote for it reviewing others!

Just click on “SHARE” on the main top menu and post you story!!

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